May 7, 2015

Progress Doesn’t Mean Leaving the Past Behind: Don’t Lose Those Sewing Skills

thequeen sosewSewing has been around for as long as we can remember and most women used their sewing skills to mend their family’s clothes. There is no denying that sewing is an essential skill to learn not only by women but men as well because it helps build patience and focus—it also saves you a lot of money. Technology has advanced and modern sewing machines have evolved to having LCD screens and programmed techniques but you shouldn’t forget the old sewing skills that were taught to you before.

Classic sewing techniques are not really different from the modern techniques used today. But when you want to create vintage products, all the small details make a difference. You can compare a modern garment from the vintage one and look at the difference and similarities of the sewing techniques that were used for each. There are many advantages of knowing the classic sewing techniques when you try to make a garment at home. Here are some examples of vintage sewing techniques that are different from its modern counterpart.


Most vintage dresses use metal zippers that are lapped or centered. According to research, the invisible zipper was popularized in the late 60’s because it was the era when the zipper reached the sewing market. With today’s sewing techniques, the invisible zipper dominates the market especially with tailored dresses and skirts. When installed neatly, a lapped zipper can have a very professional appearance that can add a vintage touch to any type of dress. Most zippers today are not very visible because most customers prefer it that way.

Hand sewing

Hand sewn finishing is another classic technique when it comes to sewing. You will see a lot of different presser feet today that helps make hemming easier and faster. The blind hem foot as well as the rolled hem foot is just a few examples of modern sewing machine accessories that make our lives easier when sewing. However, hand stitching is still very relevant when it comes to finishing. People who are good at hand sewing can sew hems on a skirt that is stronger and less visible than how machines can do it. Hand sewn details are very beautiful and give the dress a better finish. Hand sewing can give your garments that different custom look that machine sewn garments can never have.

Seam finishing

Making use of pinking shears for the raw edges of your handmade clothes is nothing new. It is fast, easy and inexpensive to make when it comes to seam finishes. Some people tend to think associate pinked seams as a sign that the clothes were handmade. Today, serged seams are the most popular finishing technique chosen by many sewers. This is because of the professional touch that they add to the garments that we make at home. Some people are embarrassed to have pink seams on garments made at home but this shouldn’t be the case because even designer dresser use this kind of seam for their garments. Janome 2212 has a lot of features that may help you achieve a vintage hand-sewn appearance.